Daily Research Report 28 DECEMBER 2015



2540 2640 2510 2480 2380 2510

Technically, Crude Oil JAN futures have strong support at 2480   & Resistance at 2540 levels. The Broad Trend in Crude Oil remains Bearish. So, it’s advised to go sell on Crude Oil futures in all the higher levels with a final stop loss 2540 levels

For the day Sell in Crude oil DEC futures if it breaks below 2480 a target of 2280 or If it Breaks 2540 levels go long or a target of 2640 Levels.



135 142 133 131 124 133

Technically, Natural Gas DEC futures have strong support at 131 & Resistance at 135 levels. The broad trend remains Bullish So, it’s advised to go buy in all the lower levels with a final SL at 131 levels

For the day Sell Natural Gas DEC Futures if it breaks   131 levels for a target of 124 contrarily go long in Natural Gas DEC Futures if it breaks above 135 levels for a target of 142.

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